Technical Difficulties occur during the live sports on television, and Americans have zero tolerance toward the technical difficulty. If you are one of those who is always trying to make that tolerance level from zero to one, the best book for your reading will be Experiencing Technical Difficulties launched by Matt Benedict.


Who Is Matt Benedict?


With 20 years of experience in televising the sports events, Matt Benedict has been awarded EMMY Award winning Freelance Technical Producer in the sports and entertainment television industry for two times. He had the honor of working with talented technicians, engineers, producers, directors, associate directors, technical directors, associate directors, Instant Replay operators, audio engineers, video engineers, Fiber Optic technicians, graphics operators, statisticians and camera operators.


Why Does Matt Write This Book?


Every Second matters in the sporting events, but the part you don’t see is all of the hard working, talented television production personnel behind the scenes that work extremely hard to bring these events to you. Experiencing Technical Difficulties seeks to explain each and every technical difficulty that occurs and Matt has tried to give the best solution to that as well.


Which Games Have Been Covered In The Book?


  • MLB All Star Game in Chicago 2003
  • MLB All Star Game in San Francisco 2007
  • MLB ALCS in Detroit 2011
  • World Series: 2001 New York Yankees vs Arizona Diamond Backs
  • NFL Pregame show on and US Navy Aircraft Carrier – Live in the Mediterranean Sea – 2000
  • Oprah – in West Virginia, and Her Final Show in Chicago 2011
  • World Series: Boom Boom out go the lights!
    • 2015 New York Mets @ Kansas City Royals
    • 2010 San Francisco Giants @ Texas Rangers
  • Graphics – A series of stories from many different locations
  • Super Bowl in NY 2014 – 15 seconds until the Bruno Mars Half Time show
  • College Football 2015
  • Premier Boxing Champions – Montreal 2015


Experiencing Technical Difficulties:
Stories by Matt Benedict – from televising some of the most challanging sporting events in America. And the things that go wrong behind the scene. Something always goes wrong! Ohh… Wait – everyone in the country is watching – so you’re not allowed to make mistakes. No Pressure!!!!

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    Matt has been instrumental aiding Ada Bible Church’s
    initial endeavors to facilitate live broadcasts to four campuses in the Grand Rapids area. His many accomplishments in the field of broadcast and production are regularly seen on television. Behind the broadcast scenes, however, are very intense situations
    not seen on television. Now captured in this book are stories of Matt’s endeavors handling these clutch and brow-raising moments. His professionalism and accomplishments notwithstanding, the greater impact to me has been the personal Matt that I’ve come
    to know more and more and appreciate most.

    Adam Carmichael
    Production Coordinator, Ada Bible Church


    I’ve been there! As someone who has shared one or two of these stories with Mr. Benedict I can assure you that these kind of things happen – all too often. The complexity of modern live television sports broadcasting is something most consumers are not aware. In “Experiencing Technical Difficulties” you get a chance to share in some of the sometimes heart stopping situations that occur behind-the-scenes of a live sports broadcast.
    Mr. Benedict has combined his years of experience in the sports broadcasting to bring you these stories, all designed to protect the innocent. It’s like someone in the CIA sharing top- secret projects but not being allowed to say who’s who. Unlike most books, this one has a continuing lifecycle with its connection to the blog. The blog adds insight and stories from those involved for different perspectives on these stories and new stories not in the book.
    If you have anything to do with live television, or are considering a career in the business then this book is a must. With this book you can’t say you didn’t know what you were getting into!
    John S. James


    Wow! It sure is a different world behind the scenes. While the rest of us are watching the game, Matt and the crew is waging their own battles in what is a weekly pressure cooker. Matt, I love how you put us right there – I felt my stress increasing a bit with every “down to the wire” problem solving. A must read for any sports fan – there is a game behind the game for the guys putting on the show every week.
    JOVAN N. JOVANOVIC | Partner | The Watson IP Group, PLC


    I’ve worked with Matt Benedict for over 25 years. He is the consummate professional. His vast production experience, organizational skills and attention to detail make him the ideal candidate to author a true behind the scenes compilation. His new book “Experiencing Technical Difficulties” is a great depiction of what actually goes on in the otherwise unseen world of Sports Television. This promises to be a good read.

    Bill Kavis
    President / Owner
    Kavis Production Services Inc


    “I had the privilege of reading Matt’s book about all of the difficulties that can be associated with doing sporting events live! The world does not know the manpower, hours of preparation and work that it takes to get a live event of any kind on the air without any major difficulties. I enjoyed reading Matt’s stories about the ways that he and his crew pulled together to solve issues and avoid disasters. Thank you, Matt, for putting these stories down on paper for other to read!”
    Ruth Fox
    Manager – Cottages by the Sea, St. Croix US Virgin Islands


    Matt is one of the best in our business, He knows the ins and outs for Remote Television Production. The information is this book is an enjoyable look into a tough, yet fun business. Matt is one that knows Prior Planning Prevents Problems.
    Mark Winter
    Freelance Producer, Graphics, Fox Box
    Columbia, MO

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