How To Find A Book On What Happens Behind The Scenes In Live Sports In Television?

March 22, 2016

If you are one of those who has zero tolerance for technical difficulties and is willing to understand why the technical difficulties occur during the lives television sports scene, you must have a better understanding of all that goes behind the scene during a live match. Matt Benedict launches Experiencing Technical Difficulties which enables you to have a better understanding of all the issues that take place during a live television game.


How to Know More about Matt Benedict?


Matt   Benedict is recognized as two-time EMMY Award winning Freelance Technical Producer in the sports and entertainment television industry. He has been privileged to work on many of the big games.


What Are The Games That He Has Worked In?


  • 15 World Series and postseason Football for which they won an EMMY for the World Series 2011 in the category of Live Sports.
  • 11 Super Bowls in variety of positions but four as the Technical Producer for Fox Sports, one as Technical Producer for the NFL Network, and the others as an audio engineer for the international telecast.
  • 10 Masters Golf as an Audio Engineer for the International Telecast.
  • 12 seasons of MLB on FOX as a Technical Producer.
  • 11 seasons of Atlanta Braves Baseball as an Audio Engineer for the visiting Telecast.


What Does The Book Offer?


Experiencing Technical Difficulties launched by Matt Benedict seeks to explore behind the scenes of televising some of the most challenging sporting events in America that are seen around the globe. An account of the following games has been provided in the book.


  • MLB All Star Game in Chicago 2003
  • MLB All Star Game in San Francisco 2007
  • MLB ALCS in Detroit 2011
  • World Series: 2001 New York Yankees vs Arizona Diamond Backs
  • NFL Pregame show on and US Navy Aircraft Carrier – Live in the Mediterranean Sea – 2000
  • Oprah – in West Virginia, and Her Final Show in Chicago 2011
  • World Series: Boom Boom out go the lights!
    • 2015 New York Mets @ Kansas City Royals
    • 2010 San Francisco Giants @ Texas Rangers
  • Graphics – A series of stories from many different locations
  • Super Bowl in NY 2014 – 15 seconds until the Bruno Mars Half Time show
  • College Football 2015
  • Premier Boxing Champions – Montreal 2015